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Dedicated to helping you look 10lbs lighter in 10 seconds



Dedicated to helping you look your best and achieve your ultimate feel-good figure, the many brands of Miraclesuit take the qualities you long for most and embed them in each featured product. Miraclesuit, the only brand name swimsuit made to make you look 10lbs lighter in 10 seconds, offers a stunning selection of awe-inspiring, figure flattering styles. Each and every suit is crafted from our unique Miratex fabric, offering proper support, fit and shape regardless of flaws or size. Take 10 seconds to slip on a Miraclesuit and make every swim event an opportunity to show off your beautiful, flawless curves – and your confidence.

Our blog is the perfect place to find all the latest happenings at Miraclesuit, including new style launches, exclusive sales and promotions, social media events and as-seen-in superlative features. We invite you to stay in touch with us and we hope to see you here often. We’re proud to offer swimsuits that deliver the ultimate fit, form and unconditional comfort. Go glam and gorgeous from every angle, and create your own miracle – only at Miraclesuit.

Be inspired. Be admired. Be yourself. Create your miracle with the beautiful brands of Miraclesuit.


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